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★ Made In The USA ★ | FREE Shipping | CALL: 1-866-964-7147

★ Made In The USA ★ | FREE Shipping | CALL: 1-866-964-7147

25' Pro Series Aluminum Flagpole - Sectional

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Original price $1,359.99
Original price $1,359.99
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Current price $1,299.00


This 25' pro series tapered aluminum flagpole is made from high quality, 6063-T6 aluminum tubing and features a tapered, three piece, sectional design.

The major benefits to this design are its ease of storage and its simplicity to install.  Essentially it's a heavy duty, commercial-level flagpole kit specifically designed to give homeowners a rock solid option when it comes to sectional flagpoles. 

Each 25' pro series tapered aluminum flagpole comes complete in a boxed set with all the parts and accessories needed to fly your favorite flag.  Each kit is ships for free and is backed by a bulletproof manufacturers lifetime guarantee! 

NOTE: Color-finished poles (anodized) have a 4-6 week lead time when the shafts are out of stock. 


  • Free 3' x 5' US Flag
  • Single-sheave cast aluminum stationary truck with pulley 
  • 3" Gold Topper Ball 
  • Cast Aluminum Tie-Off Cleat
  • Metal Swivel Snaps With Vinyl Covers 
  • PVC Ground Mount/Sleeve
  • Solid Braided Polyester Halyard
  • Stationary Truck System  




  • Sections: 3
  • Diameter: 3"
  • Weight: 52 lbs
  • Warrantee: Lifetime
  • FREE Shipping


      What's the difference between internal and external halyard flagpoles?

      An external halyard is located on the outside of a flagpole and an internal halyard is located on the inside of a flagpole. The best choice for commercial poles is our easy-to-use internal M winch system. This system provides added security for the flag and increased durability to the flagpole parts.

      "Can I install the flagpole myself?"

      All of our residential flagpoles or light commercial poles are simple to install using home tools and basic supplies from the hardware store. Larger commercial poles will require professional services such as a landscaping/sign company or a professional flagpole installer.

      "Does everything I need to install the flagpole come with it?"

      You will receive all the parts necessary to complete the flagpole as well as installation instructions. A few minor supplies will be needed, such as sand and concrete. Decorative flag pole collars are not included in the kit and can be purchased separately on our site.

      "What size of flagpole is best for my project?"

      For residential applications, 20 to 25 feet is appropriate for one-two story homes. With commercial applications, consider the desired location of the install, property size and building size to determine a complimentary height of the flagpole. Heights can range from 20 feet to 80 feet.

      "What flagpole is best if I live on the coast or in a windy area?"

      Please reference our wind load chart that will provide the details you need to make the very best flagpole selection for your area of the country.

      "Is there a guarantee on the flagpole?"

      Yes, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all aluminum cone tapered commercial flagpole shaft.