80 Ft Commercial Flagpole

December 06, 2023
80 Ft Commercial Flagpole
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Reaching for New Heights: The Soaring Benefits of 80' Commercial Flagpoles

For businesses looking to showcase their patriotism or capture the high visibility this pole provides, an 80-foot commercial flagpole allows you to quite literally "raise the flag" on promoting brand awareness and national pride. With towering heights seen from afar, these imposing flagpoles are ideal for car dealerships, manufacturing plants, corporate campuses, retail centers and anywhere that attracting attention is a high priority.

Constructed from only the most durable, high-quality materials to withstand the elements, modern 80' commercial flagpoles offer appreciable advantages over smaller poles in terms of visibility, customized options and ease of operation. And with heights up to 10 stories, these soaring poles provide ample space for larger flags and eye-catching branded banners impossible to miss.

Unmatched Visibility for Maximum Impact

Without question, the foremost benefit to 80-foot flagpoles is the incredible visibility they provide for prominent display of the stars and stripes or company banners. At such substantial heights, these impressive poles capture the attention of anyone passing by - be they on foot, in vehicles or even low-flying aircraft. Few landmarks stand out as distinctly as a towering flagpole, ensuring the flags fly high both literally and figuratively as symbols of what we stand for.

In particular, car dealerships and retail centers strategically position towering flagpoles along busy roads to attract new customers. Manufacturing facilities may opt for street-side poles to showcase size and American industry. While corporate campuses benefit from multiple high-rise poles branding their dedication to quality and innovation for all to see from a distance. Wherever high visibility is fundamental to communicating principles and attracting interest, soaring 80' flagpoles deliver.

Uncompromising Strength and Durability

Expectations are elevated when investing in larger-scale 80' flagpoles. This demand is met by materials and construction features ensuring these towering poles are up for the job of flying high whatever the conditions. Three common alternatives include:

Spun Aluminum - Commonly used for commercial-grade solutions, spun aluminum offers high strength-to-weight ratios ensuring pole stability even during storms. Rust and corrosion-resistant, aluminum requires little maintenance perfect for prominent display in outdoor elements.

Fiberglass - For cost-effectiveness combined with weather-resistance, fiberglass makes an appealing choice. Although not as naturally rigid initially, the flexible bend of fiberglass allows for wind resilience and preventing cracking under pressure. Fiberglass holds up well outdoors, retains color and resists rusting.

Steel - Industrial sites often select galvanized steel for the utmost structural reinforcement critical when flying larger flags in high winds. Although susceptible to rust over time, steel provides unmatched durability for the heights and conditions in commercial settings. Plus, steel allows for threaded accessories to be firmly bolted into place.

No matter the location or weather patterns, opting for quality construction translates to visual impact maintained over years of service. Carefully engineered 80' poles deliver daily on their lofty purpose.

Flags & Customization for Brand Presence

At 80 feet in height, these poles provide the square footage needed to smoothly fly larger residential-sized flags up to 30 feet in length or corporate banners even broader.

More expansively, twin 80' cross-section flagpole sets allow for hanging two equally impressive 30' flags for balance on both sides. This eye-catching display of symmetry drives home brandingtwice as effectively.

Angled crossarm configurations also showcase multiple flags in a visually prominenttrio adding depth and dimension for sophisticated appeal.

For the ultimate custom-tailored touch, branded banner flags professionally integrated with company names, logos and messaging introduce limitless ways to leverage tall flagpoles as institutions unto themselves.

Simple Yet Reliable Flagraising Systems

Raising a nearly 10-story flag is no easy task to coordinate manually each day. That's why commercial 80' flagpoles utilize reliable systems taking the sweat out of morning flag ceremonies.

One popular integrated method is a truck assembly housed discreetly inside lower pole sections. With a simple crank handle, anyone can smoothly raise flags via stainless steel cables and pulleys rotating high overhead. Flags are then lowered in reverse for safe overnight storage.

For those wishing to automate the procedure, wireless remote controls provide on-demand operation at the touch of a button. Preset timers also automatically hoist and lower flags at consistent hours daily no work required.

Even during peak winds, self-locking winch systems prevent free-spinning descent and the flag whipping wildly out of control. Safety is assured.

There's no overlooking the towering advantages of 80' commercial flagpoles for unmatched visibility, customization and strength raising your brand high for all to see. These soaring standards prominently display the principles of quality, pride and confidence defining who you are. When image matters, greet the world so all may witness exactly what your enterprise stands for from heights allowing none to ignore.  Also, please see the 70 ft commercial flagpole option if you think 80 is just a little too much! Thanks for reading! 

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