30 Ft Commercial Flagpole

February 07, 2023
30 Ft Commercial Flagpole
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Differentiating the Types of 30-ft Commercial Flagpoles

There are only so many types of 30-ft commercial flagpoles that you can install on your property. You may opt for a light commercial flagpole that typically has one to two sections that taper into an external halyard system. Alternatively, you may opt for a multi-sectional 30-ft commercial flagpole with internal cable halyards for a clean look.

The options can be overwhelming when you’re presented with various choices and features. Let’s narrow it down by understanding the types of 30-ft commercial flagpoles you can install on your property.

External Vs. Internal: Which is the Right Halyard System?

The halyard system is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a 30-ft commercial flagpole to install on your property. You may opt for an external halyard flagpole which provides optimal functionality. Or you could go for internal halyard flagpoles that effectively conceal the rope halyard inside the pole shaft.

If budget is your primary concern, then an external halyard system is the less expensive and more favorable option. The rope is exposed along the flagpole shaft and travels through a pulley to the top of the pole. It provides easy and flexible movement, so you will have no problem moving the flag up and down or leaving it at half-mast.

Alternatively, an internal halyard flagpole offers a cleaner, more streamlined look because the halyard is hidden within the flagpole shaft. You can easily access and control the rigging through a lockable access door which provides added security. This is perfect for busy establishments and high-traffic locations.

Other possible options include cam cleat flagpoles with a cam-action cleat and winch system flagpole systems that secure a winch on the access door with a stainless steel cable. Municipalities and government buildings often use the winch system.

Single or Multiple Sections: Which Should You Opt For?

When buying a 30-ft commercial flagpole, you typically have the option of going for a single-piece flagpole or a two-section flagpole. But what is the difference?

A one-section flagpole provides optimal strength and durability. It can withstand strong winds and harsh weather. However, it typically costs more to ship and deliver because of its sheer size. And if storage is a concern, note that a single-piece flagpole is typically more challenging to work with because it requires more space.

The alternative is a two-section or multi-piece flagpole which provides ease of handling, delivery, and storage. However, this isn’t to say that it’s any less sturdy than a one-section flagpole. It provides all the same features and benefits. The main difference lies in the cost — multi-section poles have a higher initial cost, but it’s definitely worth the price if you consider shipping time and storage solutions.

In Conclusion 

Choosing a 30-ft commercial flagpole for your building or establishment is not easy. After all, not only does it play an instrumental role in showcasing your flag or banner — it also contributes to the overall aesthetics of your property. Study all your options well before purchasing a flagpole and scheduling installation!

NOTE: 25' commercial flagpoles are a great option for smaller locations! 

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