How To Successfully Shop Commercial Flagpoles For Sale

February 02, 2023
How To Successfully Shop Commercial Flagpoles For Sale
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An indescribable sensation comes with seeing flags fly high on heavy duty commercial flagpoles. You get a sense of pride, enthusiasm, and wonder- be it a singular American flag or multiple flags that an establishment or organization stands for.

Before you fly a flag representing your organization or your causes, however, choosing the right flagpole for the job is important. It can be overwhelming to browse through your options for a commercial flagpole for sale. For this reason, we’ve provided the most significant factors to help narrow down your options.

Flagpole Height

The first step to choosing from a commercial flagpole for sale is to find the right height. You want your flag to fly freely and be visible from all angles. But you don’t want it getting in the way of your building exterior. You also don’t want it to hit trees, utility lines, and nearby buildings. Hence, height clearance remains one of the most important factors.

In addition to ensuring your commercial flagpole is just the right height to complement your commercial property, you should check the local ordinances and regulations that concern flagpole height and installation. It’s also essential to obtain the proper permissions, if any, before scheduling flagpole installation.

Flagpole Location

Apart from height, local ordinances might also include guidelines for the location of your commercial flagpole. A lot of planning goes into where you actually plan to install the pole. For example, would a flagpole near the site entrance draw good attention to the establishment? Are trees and other visual obstructions getting in the way?

You also have to consider how much space you have if you plan on installing more than one commercial flagpole. The flags should be visible from different directions, but they shouldn’t be too close to each other. So, always ensure sufficient spacing based on the flag length and the flagpole height.

Local Wind Speed Rating

Once you’re sure of the commercial flagpole height, you have to consider your area's wind speed average and local wind load requirements. This would help you determine the right wall thickness and butt diameter to ensure the long-lasting durability of your pole.

Type of Halyard System

Are you opting for a cost-effective external halyard flagpole where you can visibly see the halyard along the shaft? Or do you prefer an internal halyard system for a cleaner, sharper look?

Material Finish

Once you have decided on the pole height, pole diameter and thickness, and flagpole system, it’s time to choose a material color or finish. Many opt for satin aluminum, which has shiny visuals and a relatively low price. Flagpoles with a more durable finish, such as anodized flagpoles, might have a higher initial cost but will last longer.

Key Takeaway

When choosing a commercial flagpole for sale, you don’t simply go for what looks nicer or which one seems the most cost-effective option. You also have to consider the factors mentioned above that would affect the longevity of your flagpole and the way it enhances your property exterior. Be discerning and deliberate with your choice!

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