Large Flag Poles: What To Know Before Buying

August 09, 2023
Large Flag Poles: What To Know Before Buying
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So you're thinking about getting a really large flag pole, eh? I don't blame you - there's nothing more patriotic than flying Old Glory on a towering flagpole in your front yard. But before you go dropping a chunk of change on one of those 30-foot tall telescoping aluminum flagpoles, let's talk through some of the pros, cons, and other considerations.

First off, how tall are we talking here? Flagpoles come in all shapes and sizes, from small 5-foot models you can mount on your porch, to gigantic 100-foot poles that loom over municipal buildings and parks. For most residential settings, poles in the 25-35 foot range are plenty big and make a bold statement. Just keep in mind that the taller the pole, the more robust it needs to be to withstand strong winds. Those big boys can catch some serious air!

Now for the fun part: raising and lowering the flag. With taller poles, you'll need a rope and pulley system to get the flag up and down. Make sure any pole you buy is geared up for easy flag raising/lowering. Nothing worse than futzing with tangled ropes when Old Glory needs action. And while we're at it, be sure to get a quality flag too. Those cheapo polyester ones will fray and fade fast, tangling in the slightest breeze. Spend a little more for heavyweight nylon or cotton.

Okay, so now we've got our soaring flagpole and a glorious flag - but how the heck are we going to set this thing upright? Well, for permanent installation you'll need to sink the pole a few feet into a concrete foundation designed to withstand the torquing forces of high winds. If that sounds like a big project, you'd be right! Putting in the foundation and running electrical can definitely add to the cost and complexity.

An easier option is going with a detachable flagpole mount and stand. Think a hefty weighted steel base that the pole just slots into. When winds kick up or you need to take it down, the pole lifts right out. Quick and easy. The only catch is that these stands take up more yard space. Something to consider.

While we're talking installation, better check on any homeowners association rules about flagpoles. Some prohibit anything over 6-feet tall or restrict where you can put them. Don't get smacked with violations for trying to exercise your patriotic duty!

Now, with all these considerations in mind, let's chat benefits. What's motivating you to go big in the first place? For many, having a tall prominent flagpole is a source of pride. Fly that flag high for all to see! It also just looks darn good, adding a vertical focal point to your property. And during holidays and celebrations, there's no better way to display your colors than on a tall flag waving in the breeze.

But before taking the plunge, be realistic about costs. Once you factor in the pole, sturdy stand/foundation, quality flag, ropes and hardware, you could easily spend $500-1000 or more. And don't forget the energy costs of lighting for nighttime display. Is seeing that flag from miles away worth that price tag?

At the end of the day, installing a big residential flagpole is no small project. But with some planning and foresight, it can be a very rewarding addition to your home and demonstrate your patriotic zeal. Just don't let the flagpole become yet another thing you have to maintain. Fly that flag proudly!
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