The American Spirit: Celebrating Veteran-Owned Distilleries

May 06, 2024
The American Spirit: Celebrating Veteran-Owned Distilleries
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Ah, whiskey — America's storied libation, a drink steeped in history and heart. Imagine sitting down after a long day's work, the sun just dipping below the horizon, casting a golden hue that rivals the rich amber of the delicious whiskey in your glass. That first sip, a perfect blend of warmth and bite, is not just a drink but a moment of reprieve from life's ever-expanding onslaught. It's a pause that not only soothes the day's weariness but also serves as a toast to your steadfast dedication and commitment. 

This cherished ritual reaches across the country, from coders to cowboys, from bustling city high-rises to quiet rural porches, and in every glass there's a story, a heritage of American resilience and craftsmanship that deserves to be celebrated. 

Who better encapsulates this spirit of perseverance and dedication than our nation's beloved veterans? Those who have served and protected, those who have sacrificed themselves, and those who often come home to forge new pathways in entrepreneurship without any transitional help from government or the VA.

Supporting veteran-owned businesses is more than a nod to patriotism—it's an investment in our communities themselves.  These veteran entrepreneurs bring not only their unmatched discipline and determination to their endeavors but also a deep commitment to giving back to their fellow Americans. By choosing to support a veteran-owned business, you're not just buying a bottle; you're thanking a veteran for their service in a tangible, impactful way.

Enter the veteran-owned whiskey brand. For any patriotic whiskey enthusiast, this is the list of all lists. One centralized location to find and support the people who not only fought for your freedom, but also made that delicious whiskey in your glass. 

As we explore these veteran-owned whiskey brands, I encourage you to visit their websites, learn their stories, and of course try their exceptional spirits. Each bottle not only offers a uniquely tasting whiskey but also tells a story of courage, service, and love for America. So remember, we're here now because brave men and women died to make it so - let's not only raise our glasses to these remarkable veterans but let's also support there continued hard work by purchasing a bottle.

  1. Horse Soldier Bourbon - Founded by former U.S. Special Forces soldiers who were among the first troops in Afghanistan post-9/11. Their bourbon is inspired by the legendary story of the Horse Soldiers.

  2. Hotel Tango Distillery - The first combat-disabled, veteran-owned distillery in the U.S., based in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was founded by Travis Barnes, a Marine Corps veteran.

  3. Leadslingers Whiskey - Founded by several combat veterans who wanted to share their love of fine spirits. Their products include a range of whiskeys that are crafted in small batches.

  4. Merica Bourbon - Founded by veterans who wanted to create a bourbon that reflects American values and tradition.

  5. Willies Distillery Devil’s Brigade Whiskey - Distilled in Ennis, Montana, Devil's Brigade features 60% American Bourbon and 40% Canadian Whiskey and pays homage to the percentage of American and Canadian men assigned to the Devil’s Brigade in World War II.

  6. Warrior Whiskey - Veteran owned and operated, Warrior Whiskey is committed to producing high-quality spirits and supporting the veteran community.

  7. Old Line Spirits - Owned by a former Navy veteran, Old Line Spirits produces American Single Malt Whiskey in Baltimore, Maryland.

  8. Battle Ground Bourbon - Founded by veterans, this company focuses on producing high-quality bourbon and often pays tribute to historical military events.

  9. Freedom Whiskey Co. - A veteran-owned company that produces whiskey with a mission to support various veteran causes through its profits.

  10. Muddy River Distillery - While primarily known for rum, the veteran-owned Muddy River also produces a range of other spirits, including some whiskeys.

  11. Hooten Young Founded by a former Special Operations Soldier and a CIA veteran, this brand is known for its history and exceptional quality.

  12. Three Rangers Whiskey - A whiskey company started by veterans of the U.S. Army Rangers, committed to integrity and excellence in every bottle.

Buying a bottle from a veteran-owned distillery does more than just quench your thirst—it's a gesture of gratitude towards those who've served and/or made the ultimate sacrifice.

It supports the American dream that many veterans gave up their lives to protect.  This list of distilleries is not just a guide to fine whiskey but a pathway to participating in a larger, ongoing mission to recognize and repay our veterans for their sacrifices.

Let's make our choices matter. Next time you look to unwind with a smooth, fiery whiskey, choose one that serves a greater purpose. Choose a veteran-owned brand and let's drink to their health, to their success, and to our shared future.

Cheers to American spirit, in every sense of the word!

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