There’s more to commercial flagpoles than simply using them to hang up flags on your establishment. They’re instrumental in representing your brand—you want sturdy structures that can withstand the strongest winds and the wildest storms. 

They also play a significant role in your exterior’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Let’s dive into the different types of commercial flagpoles, the process of choosing the right one to suit your needs, and other related concerns.

What Are the Different Types of Flags That You Can Fly?

Commercial flags are more than a visual element of your property exterior. It’s also a representation of your organization or a proclamation of the notable causes you support.

Here are some flags you can choose to display on commercial flagpoles:

  • National Flags: Organizations and individuals may opt to fly their country’s flag to emphasize national pride.
  • State and Municipal Flags: Similar to national flags, these indicate a kinship with the area they represent.
  • Military Flags: These are often used by members of the armed forces or their family members. They also help identify allies during times of peace.
  • Political Flags: You may opt to display your alliance with a particular political party or show your support for a social movement through their corresponding flags.
  • Organization Flags: This is a straightforward representation of your business. It can also represent a fraternal, social, civic, or religious organization.
  • Awareness Flags: You can show solidarity for certain causes, charities, and public awareness campaigns by displaying their flags on your property. They are a strong indicator of your establishment’s values.
  • Sports Flags: These are usually hung up by organizations or businesses linked with a local sports team or athlete. They can also be used at arenas, stadiums, and other venues during large sporting events.

How To Choose a Commercial Flagpole for Your Property

Regardless of what type of flag you want to display in front of your establishment, you must be discerning about what pole to hang it from. Commercial flagpoles are generally durable and can withstand harsh weather for long periods. Still, to ensure the best one for your building exterior, there are various factors to consider.

For example, commercial flagpole heights range from 15 to 90 feet, with some specialized rigs that can go even higher. They usually come in five feet increments, so you must choose the measurements that best suit the free space in your installation area.

There are also different kinds of poles to choose from, such as external halyard flagpoles and internal halyard flagpoles. An external halyard typically has an exposed pulley and a visible rope or cable that connects the top of the flagpole with the cleat that keeps the flag on the ground. Meanwhile, internal halyards are tidily hidden.

Apart from the wide range of flagpole heights, styles, and materials to choose from, you should also consider the surroundings and local codes and ordinances that might be related to flags and flagpole installation.

Keep these things in mind when shopping for a commercial flagpole:

Flagpole Height

You want your flag to fly freely and proudly without hitting the wall of your building, disrupting utility lines, or causing any other obstructions or disturbances in the area. 

This means you must choose the right height: not too tall for the building facade or too small to be noticed by passersby. Height aside, choose a flagpole you can safely install a few feet away from your establishment.


Is your building surrounded by higher structures? Or is it in a residential neighborhood? 

Closely consider the other elements around your building, such as private homes and other commercial establishments, before you install a flagpole. Your display must enhance your property’s exterior aesthetic and draw positive attention to your area without getting in the way of everything else around it.

Local Ordinances and Building Codes

Before installing a flagpole, look up local ordinances and restrictions regarding such displays in front of commercial establishments. These guidelines will dictate the type of flag and flagpole you can choose.

Local regulations may require you to get a permit to install a commercial flagpole on your premises. 

Number of Flags

Municipal buildings, company headquarters, and other large establishments might want to install two to three flagpoles on their property: one for the national flag and the others for their state, establishment, or cause. 

In this case, you should choose poles that accommodate at least two flags to fly freely without getting in each other’s way. Be mindful of the flagpole size and the installation process so you can ensure that both flags are displayed correctly.

Wind Speed

Look up the maximum wind speed in your location. Find granular information if you can—not just within your city or state. 

Data on average wind speeds will help you determine the required diameter, thickness, and pole type that you can safely install on your property. Local ordinances may also include wind load requirements, so do your due diligence before you purchase or install anything

Material Finish

Once you’re clear on the height, diameter, thickness, and type, you should choose a flagpole color or finish that matches the aesthetics of your property. 

Satin aluminum is a standard and cost-efficient finish. However, the shine of a satin finish may fade over time. You may opt for an anodized finish to maintain a consistent and durable look for years to come.

Reminders About Commercial Flagpole Installation

It’s important to reiterate that you must do research on flagpole-related regulations in your city and state before putting one up on your premises. 

Washington State, for example, requires a building permit for flagpoles taller than 15 feet. Meanwhile, Mapleton, UT allows the use of any type of commercial flag except for advertising purposes.

Key Takeaways

National flags, military colors, organization flags, banners of arms—there are many types of commercial flags that you can proudly display in front of your establishment. Invest in the best-suited, sturdy commercial flagpoles that will stay strong and preserve their dignity for years to come.