Adding a flag pole to your truck is a great way to show your patriotism and pride. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right one? Don't worry, I've got you covered.

As an avid truck owner myself, I know how important it is to find a sturdy, quality flag pole that properly showcases Old Glory while matching your truck's style. I've done the research and rounded up the top 5 most popular flag poles for trucks this year. I'll walk you through what makes each pole stand out and discuss the pros and cons so you can weigh your options. Think of me as your truck buddy helping you make an informed decision about which flag pole is best for your ride. Let's count down the top contenders!

#1 Truck Hero Lighted Flag Pole:

Kicking off our list in the top spot is the crowd favorite Truck Hero 15” Lighted Flag Pole. With sleek chrome styling and built-in LED lighting, this pole really makes your flag pop.

Here’s a little more about what makes this pole so great:

- It’s constructed from chrome plated alloy steel so you can be sure it’s durable!
- The 15" height is perfect for flying a 3'x5' foot flag without it touching the ground.
- My favorite feature: the integrated LED light that illuminates your flag at night!
- It clamps right onto your truck's bed rail with adjustable torque knobs for securing.
- The weather resistant design means rain or snow won’t affect it.  

As far as pros, the vibrant nighttime lighting is definitely the star here. Your flag will stand out shining brightly even when it’s dark out. The sturdy steel construction also means it can handle life on the road for years to come.

The only real downsides are that the light can't be turned off (might be bothersome if you’re camping and want darkness) and the 15 inch size is fixed, so you can’t get a taller pole for bigger flags.

But overall, the Truck Hero pole has earned its popularity for good reason. For less than 50 bucks, it provides attention-grabbing illumination in a durable and easy to install package.

#2 Westin Oval Tube Flag Pole:

If illumination isn't important to you and you just want a top quality pole, step up to the Westin Oval Aluminum Flag Pole. Constructed of thick oval aluminum tubing, this pole is built rock solid to last.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty:

- You’ve got plenty of height options ranging from a petite 18 inches all the way up to a massive 60 inch pole for flying the biggest flags out there
- Made from heavy duty American-sourced aluminum, this thing is corrosion and rust-resistant even after years of use
- The oval tubing design provides an incredibly stable base that can withstand strong winds and fast highway speeds
- It comes with universal clamps for no-damage mounting but you can also bolt it directly into your truck bed if you really want it permanently installed
- Proudly made in the USA if supporting American-made brands is important to you

When it comes to upsides, the variety of height options is a key selling point - pick the pole length that’s just right for your needs. I also love the attention to quality with the thick gauge oval aluminum that can endure the elements.

In terms of drawbacks, the only real negatives are the premium price tag and potential for bed rail scratches from the clamps. But for a Made in USA product with superior construction, the price bump is justified.

While it costs more than other options, the Westin pole is built to last at any height you need. For those who prioritize strength and quality manufacturing, this rugged oval tube pole definitely deserves consideration.

#3 Veranda Square Aluminum Flag Pole

Alright, now if a statement-making squared industrial vibe is your style, the Veranda Square Aluminum Flag Pole is calling your name. The bold black powder coated steel tube paired with massive flag size compatibility will get your truck noticed.

Here are the fast facts on this eye-catching pole:

- It’s offered inheights ranging from 36 inches up to a towering 96 inches - great for flying flags up to 6 by 10 feet!
- Made from square aluminum tubing that provides a stable, wobble-free base for large flags
- The durable powder coated finish resists scratches, chips, and rusting even after years outdoors
- Includes mounting brackets for direct truck bed installation
- Priced affordably under $100 bucks

Looking at the pros, this pole can handle huge flags thanks to the tall 8 foot maximum height. I also like the head-turning squared shape that stands out from typical round poles.

When it comes to downsides, the permanent mounting brackets can damage your truck’s paint over time. And the build quality isn’t quite as robust as the Westin pole.

But overall, if making a bold statement with an oversized flag is your goal, the budget-friendly Veranda pole has the versatility and durability to get the job done. Just take care to protect your truck's paint under the mounting feet.

This rugged square pole combines attention-grabbing personality with the strength to handle big flags - all for under $100. Definitely a great option that offers big value.

#4 CE Smith Trailer Flag Pole

Now let's talk about the CE Smith Trailer Flag Pole. This pole is specially designed to slide right into your trailer hitch receiver for quick, easy flag mounting.

Here are the key features:

- It’s made to fit 2” trailer hitch receivers - just slide it in and lock the pin
- You've got a choice between 48” and 60” heights to match your flag size needs
- Constructed from rugged steel tube with a corrosion-resistant powder coated finish in either black or white
- Comes with an anti-rattle hitch pin that keeps the pole firmly in place while driving

Looking at the advantages, the trailer hitch setup makes installation a breeze - just insert and go. I also like that you can remove the pole when not needed by simply unlocking the hitch pin.

Downsides are the limited height options less than 5 feet and basic utilitarian design. But you can’t beat the convenience of quick on/off access thanks to the hitch mounting system.

So if you want effortless flag flying from your trailer hitch, look no further than the versatile CE Smith pole. Having the ability to remove the pole when necessary is super handy. This rugged, road-ready pole gets the job done without any complications.

#5 Yaheetech Chrome Telescoping Flag Pole

Last up is the super affordable Yaheetech Chrome Telescoping Flag Pole. If you’re looking for an inexpensive collapsible pole, this budget-friendly option delivers.

Let’s get into the details:

- Made from chrome-plated steel so it resists rusting
- Telescopes from just 29” up to 42” in height
- Locking plastic clamps hold the pole at your desired height
- Comes with a mounting kit for truck bed rail installation
- At under $30 bucks, it's the most affordable on our list

Considering the pros, it's hard to beat the price on this pole. The telescoping design also lets you reduce the height down to 29 inches when driving at high speeds or going through a drive-thru.

The main drawback is that cheaper plastic clamps are prone to breaking over time. And the minimal height range may be too small for large flags.

But for the super budget conscious shopper, this telescoping pole offers the most bang for your buck. Is it the most heavy duty and full-featured? Certainly not. But the low price and compact size make it a worthwhile option.

The Bottom Line

Well, there you have it - a detailed look at the 5 most popular flag poles for trucks this year. When deciding on the right pole for your ride, consider factors like height, durability, mounting style and budget. And be sure to choose a pole that can handle the wind pressure of whatever size flag you want to showcase.

If you want sophistication and premium quality, spring for the Westin oval aluminum pole. For maximum head-turning visibility, the Veranda square pole can handle huge flags. And if low cost is most important, the Yaheetech telescoping pole delivers.

Whatever pole you choose, flying the stars and stripes on the back of your truck is a great way to display your patriotic pride in our great country. Just don't forget to actually mount it first before heading down the highway - almost lost my 3x5 footer on the interstate once before!

Happy truck flag shopping and enjoy those beautiful flags waving proudly in the breeze. And do me a favor - wave when you pass a fellow flag-flying trucker like me!