There's nothing quite like seeing the stars and stripes waving proudly as you drive your RV down the open road. An RV flag pole allows you to display the American flag or other banners and really let your patriotism and personality shine. Here's an in-depth look at adding one of these fun accessories to your recreational vehicle.

What Is an RV Flag Pole?

An RV flag pole is a mount that attaches to the exterior of your motorhome, camper, or trailer to hold a flag or decorative banner vertically. The pole extends upwards to fly flags high and make them clearly visible.

RV flag poles come in two main styles:

1) Telescoping RV Flag Pole - These poles are adjustable and can manually extend from a compact stored size of just 2-4 feet up to a full raised height of 15 feet or more. Telescoping models allow you to easily lower and raise the flag as needed.

2) Fixed RV Flag Pole - Fixed flagpoles don't adjust in height, so it's important to select one tall enough to fly your flag well above the roof of your RV. But fixed poles are more durable, rigid, and resistant to vibration.

In both pole types, the mounting system securely attaches the flag pole to the front or rear exterior of the RV using brackets. Higher-end models may integrate LED lighting to illuminate the flag at night.

Benefits of Flying a Flag from an RV Pole

Adding an RV flag set up comes with some nice benefits:

Display your patriotism - An RV flag pole mount allows you to proudly fly Old Glory at campsites, RV rallies, and on the road. It's a great way to show your national pride.

Show your team colors - Flying sports team flags from your recreational vehicle lets you take your team spirit on the road. Root for your favorite squad wherever you roam.

Make a statement - An RV flag pole provides a way to share your personality, interests, and affiliations. Fly a pirate flag or rainbow pride flag to tell the world who you are.

Attract attention - Hoisting a unique, humorous, or customized flag can attract positive attention from fellow travelers. It's a fun icebreaker for meeting new friends.

Increase visibility - A tall flag pole with a banner waving high makes your vehicle more visible to other vehicles on the road. This enhances safety, especially with LED lighting at night.

Enjoy conveniences - Telescoping adjustable poles allow you to easily lower the flag to prevent wind damage when it's not being displayed. Back-lit models light up your flag with the push of a button.

Add curb appeal - Mounting a flag pole on your RV can dress up your rig and make it look sharp. It adds eye-catching curb appeal.

Potential RV Flag Pole Drawbacks to Consider

RV flag poles also come with a few potential downsides to keep in mind:

Wind resistance - Large flags create substantial wind drag and resistance, especially while driving at highway speeds. This may negatively impact fuel economy. Consider smaller diameter flags or taking them down during transport.

Height clearance - Use caution regarding overhead obstacles like bridges and tree branches that could potentially snag your extended flag pole. Carefully measure the storage height of telescoping models.

Storage size - While telescoping poles collapse for storage when not in use, fixed poles take up more exterior cargo space. Make sure you have room.

Weight and balance - The weight of a heavy fixed pole and large waving flag can alter your RV's center of gravity and handling. Position the mount carefully.

Noise and vibration - An extended flag may flutter or flap in the breeze, causing vibrations or noise, particularly with LED-lit poles. Make sure fittings are secure.

Maintenance - Periodically check the pole fittings, rope halyards, and LED lights for any wear and tear or bulb issues. Keep telescoping joints clean and lubricated.

Wind damage - Leaving flags flying in very windy conditions or storms can shred or tear the fabric. Take down banners in strong gusts.

With proper precautions and care, an RV flag pole kit can provide years of proud flag displays and memorable stories from your adventures on the open road.

Key Factors in Choosing an RV Flag Pole

Picking out the right recreational vehicle flag pole system requires some thoughtful consideration. Key factors include:

Pole Height:

Consider the height of your RV from the ground to determine the appropriate flag pole length. Measure from where the pole mount will attach to the top of your RV. The pole should extend high enough to position the flag well clear of the roof with space to flap freely. For most RVs, a pole height of 15 to 20 feet is ideal.

Pole Diameter:

Wider diameter poles are stronger but add more weight. Standard flag poles are commonly 1 inch in diameter or less. Fiberglass and aluminum are lightweight but very durable pole materials. Make sure the mount fittings match the pole width.

Mounting System:

Look for a sturdy bracket system that correctly angles and secures the pole to your RV exterior. Some mounts fit near the ladder, others use rail clamps to attach to roof rails. Swivel bases make it easy to rotate the pole down. The mounting fittings should match the flag pole width and base type.

Flag Size:

The most common RV flag dimensions are 2 x 3 feet or 3 x 5 feet. Make sure your flag pole kit comes with the right snap hooks, clips, loops, or other accessories to securely display the flag size you choose. Measure to ensure the pole can handle the flag fabric area you intend to fly.


LED pole lighting is a nice feature for illuminating flags at night but requires wiring into your RV electrical system. Opt for convenient self-contained solar or battery powered flag pole lights for simpler installation. Lighting adds visibility and accentuates your display.


Handy extras like a storage bag for the flag itself when not in use and tie-down straps or sandbags to add stability in breezy conditions are useful. Spare snap hooks and pole end caps may also come in handy. Shop for kits that include useful accessories.

Popular Brands of RV Flag Poles

There are many sources for buying quality RV flag pole sets. Top brands include:

Camco - Renowned for RV gear. Camco offers telescoping flagpoles from 12-20 feet and fixed models from 17-21 feet. Poles come in fiberglass, aluminum and polycarbonate.

King Jack Pole - Specializing in pole accessories, King Jack provides heavy-duty steel and aluminum telescoping poles from 12-20 feet with runner mounts.

Quantium - Offers multi-fit flag pole mounts, LED lit models, and compact top-mount or straight telescoping poles in metal and fiberglass.

Flagpole Buddy - Their telescoping flag pole kits feature heavy duty anodized aluminum and sturdy mounting. Heights range from 14.5-19.5 feet.

SMA Flagpoles - Known for commercial flag poles, they also make RV telescoping models from 11.5-22 feet for all types of recreational vehicles.

Other top brands like Beacon RV Accessories, Rainier Flagpoles, RVFlyer, and UniRac also offer quality RV flag pole kits in various configurations, materials, heights and diameters.

Installing and Using an RV Flag Pole

Once you select the right recreational vehicle flag pole kit, installing it takes just a few steps:

1. Select mounting location - Choose a spot with at least 1 foot clearance around the pole base. Mark and drill screw holes.

2. Attach mounting brackets - Bolt or clamp brackets onto the RV exterior surface. Tighten securely.

3. Insert flag pole - For telescoping models, retract to shortest height and insert the bottom into the mount bracket. Fixed poles insert directly as one piece.

4. Extend pole - For telescoping poles, gently pull upward to extend to desired height. Lock adjustment collar.

5. Add flag - Attach snaps, clips or loops to the flag grommets. Ensure the flag type matches the pole fittings.

6. Connect lighting - If you have an illuminated pole, wire into the RV fuse panel and test lights.

Follow any specific mounting instructions. Your flashy new flag pole is ready to debut! Carefully display flags when on site. Before transport, fully retract telescoping poles or remove fixed poles. Add securing straps or fasteners so the pole doesn't vibrate or release when driving.

Proper flag etiquette applies. Illuminate flags at night only if displayed. Replace faded or tattered flags to keep them looking sharp. With basic care and maintenance, your RV flag pole will bring years of enjoyment.

The Open Road Awaits!

An RV flag pole lets you proudly display Old Glory, sports banners, and fun custom flags as you traverse the open roads. With a range of pole options, you can find the perfect fit and style for your recreational vehicle type and needs.

Add a dash of personality while enhancing visibility and safety. Fly your colors high and spread some smiles at campsites and RV rallies. A quality RV flag pole set takes your road trip to the next level.

Before you hitch up and head for new horizons, consider one of these great recreational vehicle flag pole systems. It allows fellow travelers to see your stars and stripes or special flags waving from miles away. An RV flag pole mount says - the road trip is on!