The holidays are my favorite time of year. As soon as Thanksgiving has passed, I excitedly count down the days until it's time to transform my house into a winter wonderland. I have fond memories of picking out our family Christmas tree each year when I was a kid.

Flag pole Christmas trees

My parents would pack us all into the station wagon, holiday tunes blasting on the radio as we hunted for the perfect evergreen. Now that I have my own family and home, I try to find unique ways to decorate for the season and create new traditions. This year, I discovered the flagpole Christmas tree and instantly knew it would be an eye-catching, patriotic addition to our outdoor decor.

Here's my take on this novelty holiday product after installing it this season.

When I first came across the flagpole Christmas tree online, I'll admit I was a bit skeptical. Could a pole with some garland really become a gorgeous, full Christmas tree? But the reviews won me over, especially the photos showing sophisticated, lit-up trees on home flagpoles. I went for it and ordered one for my front yard flagpole.

Upon unboxing all the components, I was impressed with the sturdy metal construction of the tree frame. Assembly was easy-peasy too. The frame pieces slide together around the pole, with a basic strap system to secure it in place. No tools required!

The fir garland comes in a huge, thick blanket that easily drapes over the frame. Fluffing it out to fill in spaces and give that real tree volume took a little maneuvering on my 16 foot pole, but was straightforward enough.

In daylight, the Flagpole Christmas Tree looks just like the kind of full, robust Fraser Firs I always got for the living room growing up. The lifelike faux greenery garland really does give the pole a magical evergreen tree shape. Seeing the stars and stripes waving above it makes my heart swell with American pride.

But where this patriotic Christmas tree really sparkles is when the sun goes down. With white lights wrapped around the pole and a glowing star tree topper, it becomes a dazzling display.

The pole lights illuminate the red, white and blue flying on high, while the garland creates a dazzling evergreen below. It's a feast for the eyes, and unique outdoor decor like I've never seen.

I'll admit, I was worried about how weather might affect the Flagpole Christmas Tree. But sleet, snow and even high winds didn't faze it over the holidays. The sturdy metal frame holds up, while the thick garland stays secured. Any fallen greenery was easy enough to rearrange or replace.

Of course, there are always some pros and cons to evaluate with novelty decor like this. Here are a few I discovered:

Flagpole Christmas Tree Pros:
- Unique, eye-catching outdoor decoration
- Patriotic design with both Christmas tree and waving flag
- Easy assembly and install, no tools required
- Durable construction withstands weather
- Allows flag flying during the holidays
- Provides gorgeous tree lighting effects at night

Flagpole Christmas Tree Cons:
- On the pricier side, but a memorable investment
- Garland requires fluffing and adjusting for full effect
- Using a large ladder helps with garland draping and adjustments
- Pole lights and flag not included

At the end of the day, I can say my Flagpole Christmas Tree brought me immense holiday joy this season. Guests loved the creativity of it, and it really set our outdoor decor apart. Being able to sport both evergreen cheer and stars & stripes pride with one decoration was a big pro for me too. Seeing that towering tree glowing each night made all the neighborhood holiday light gazing extra special. I'm already looking forward to setting it up again next Christmas!

For other decorators looking to switch up their outdoor displays, I definitely recommend the Flagpole Christmas Tree. With quality greenery garland and an ingenious space-saving shape, it's a stellar way to deck your flagpole with festive flair. Fly your flag and flair your Christmas spirit in patriotic harmony!