20 Ft Commercial Flagpole - What To Expect

February 03, 2023
20 Ft Commercial Flagpole - What To Expect
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20 Ft Commercial Flagpole: Installing it Correctly 

Having a flag flying the colors of your country or even your favorite football team is a great way of showing your support and love. Many flag enthusiasts choose a commercial flagpole for their flags- mainly because they come in various types and heights. 

But flying that flag proudly also requires proper flagpole installation and regular maintenance. Here are the most common mistakes you must avoid when installing a 20-foot commercial flagpole. 

Choose the Right Type of Flagpole

Commercial flagpoles for sale could be multi-sectional or have a single sections. You can choose commercial flagpoles that have external or internal lanyards, with either a winch or turned by hand. 

There are also other alternatives to the commercial flagpole- such as telescoping flagpoles and residential types. These have different features, such as their weight and whether they are wind rated. 

The most important factor you have to consider is the flagpole’s durability. A retractable pole design may be more suitable as it can withstand the elements- if your area has unpredictable weather.

You also need to choose the right metal tubing so it's resistant to scratches or rust. Anodized aluminum is the most recommended but check for customer reviews on which materials and types would suit your preferences or area. 

Set the Flag in a Proper Location

People often place their flagpoles too close to other structures- obstructing its view. You need to choose a place where your flag can be seen flying proudly. It’s also best to place it in an area where the flagpole will not be damaged or affected by accidental contact. 

Consider the size of your home, too, because a house with two or three levels would need a flagpole at least 20 to 25 feet. It also needs to be placed where your flag will not accidentally touch power lines or windows.  

Build a Strong Foundation for Your Flagpole

Once you’ve chosen your location, you must build a strong foundation for your pole base. Check with utility companies to confirm the area is clear of drainage pipes or underground cables. 

For a strong foundation, you need to dig a hole at least four times the diameter of your flagpole. The ground sleeve should be securely placed at the center of the hole, ensuring it stays put once the cement you add cement. 

Mix your cement and ensure that it does not go inside the sleeve. You can wad pieces of paper on the top of the sleeve to prevent this. Then use a shovel to pack the area. 

You can then use the remaining cement to build a concrete support slab. Leave it to dry for at least two days before placing your pole. 

Fly Your Colors Proudly!

Having a commercial flagpole in your establishment or residence is just one way to show your love for your country and to celebrate specific holidays or events that matter to you. 

Look for reputable companies that provide high-quality flagpoles, materials, and parts. They could help you choose the right flagpole that suits your home and needs. 

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