25 Ft Commercial Flagpole: What to Consider

February 06, 2023
25 Ft Commercial Flagpole: What to Consider
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Factors to Consider For an In-ground 25-ft Commercial Flagpole

Some people might be surprised that there’s more to choosing an in-ground flagpole than the pole height and design. Depending on your specific use and building aesthetics, you also have to consider other essential factors, such as the type of flagpole mechanism and the most suitable pole finish.

Go over all key factors before getting a 25-ft commercial flagpole for in-ground installation. Keep reading to discover an easier way to narrow down your options.

Narrowing Down Your In-ground Commercial Flagpole Choice

An in-ground flagpole is made up of various elements, it's essential you take into consideration certain salient aspects before you buy a 25-ft commercial flagpole for your establishment. These include:

  • Flagpole Height and Diameter: Even though you’re set on a 25-foot commercial flagpole, it’s worth noting that in-ground flagpoles come in 5-ft increments and then usually increase to 10-ft increments for poles that are taller than 50 feet. You must also be mindful of the pole diameter — the thicker it is, the sturdier the pole.
  • Flagpole Material: Most poles are made with aluminum, steel, or fiberglass. These materials ensure maximum strength, durability, and longevity regardless of harsh winds, extreme weather conditions, and other external elements. Aluminum is the most common material for commercial flagpoles. Meanwhile, the exceptionally heavy steel comes in second for flagpoles that are 80 feet and taller.
  • External Vs. Internal Halyard: You may install an external halyard flagpole with visible mechanisms. Alternatively, you may opt for an internal halyard system that limits access to the mechanism — this is particularly useful when installing a flagpole in a high-traffic area.
  • Local Wind Speed Rating: It’s essential to check the local wind speed rating and regulations before choosing an in-ground flagpole to install on your property. This gives you a better sense of how strong and durable the pole is and how well it can handle the average wind speed and weather conditions at your location.
  • Color and Finish: You must consider the flagpole finish because it affects the overall exterior appearance of your building or commercial property. A silver satin finish is the most common type of flagpole finish. However, you may opt for more durable options, such as an anodized finish.

Other Factors to Consider Before Flagpole Installation

Consider these rules taken from the U.S. Flag Code before installing a 25-foot commercial flagpole and displaying your flag outside: 

  • When flying multiple flags, including the U.S. flag, ensure it’s flying the highest. It should also always be raised first and lowered last
  • Flags of different nations should never be flown on the same pole. However, note that they must always fly at the same height, with the U.S. flag on the right
  • Ensure the flag is sufficiently illuminated if you plan to keep it flying at night
  • All flags must be removed during extreme weather conditions unless they are all-weather flags made with nylon or any other non-absorbent cloth
  • The U.S. flag must never be used for any type of advertising purposes

Key Takeaway 

There are various factors to consider before buying a 25-foot commercial flagpole, especially when opting for an in-ground flagpole system. Keep these reminders in mind to get the best value out of your commercial flagpole system.  

PS: Be sure to check out our 20 ft commercial flagpole for sale if you find that the 25 is too big. 

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