40 ft Commercial Flagpoles - What To Buy!

September 20, 2023
40 ft Commercial Flagpoles - What To Buy!
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As a business owner, you know that having an American flag flying on a 40 ft commercial flagpole outside your establishment sends a powerful message of patriotism and instills a sense of pride in your customers and community.

A commercial-grade flagpole ensures your stars and stripes stand tall for all to see.  But with so many options for materials, hardware and installation, how do you choose the right 40 ft flagpole for your needs and budget? Let’s break it down.

First, Decide on Internal or External Halyard

Commercial flagpoles come in two main types:

Internal Halyard Flagpoles: The rope (halyard) that raises the flag is inside the pole. This gives a very clean, streamlined look as there are no ropes or pulleys visible underneath the flag. Internal poles are more expensive but ideal for a symmetrical, orderly appearance.

External Halyard Flagpoles: The halyard runs along the outside of the pole, tied to a pulley system at the top. This allows for easy raising and lowering of the flag. External halyards are more affordable but have a more utilitarian, industrial look.

For most businesses, internal halyard is preferred for aesthetic reasons. But external works fine on a budget.

Next, Choose the Right Flagpole Material

Commercial flagpoles come in three main material types, each with pros and cons:

Aluminum: Spun aluminum is the most popular choice for commercial flagpoles today. It is lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Aluminum flagpoles are also quite affordable and require little maintenance. The metal can be painted or powder-coated for color options. An aluminum flagpole offers the best value for most businesses.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass composite flagpoles provide similar benefits to aluminum, with some key differences. They offer even better corrosion resistance, often with a 25-year warranty. They won’t dent or chip like metal. However, fiberglass flagpoles are more expensive. They can also suffer from sun damage and fading over time.

Stainless Steel: At the premium end, stainless steel flagpoles provide superior strength and corrosion resistance. A brushed stainless finish looks sharp outside executive offices, luxury hotels, and exclusive country clubs. However, stainless steel is pricey and requires the most maintenance to keep its luster over decades of service.

For most companies, spun aluminum hits the sweet spot between affordability, durability and aesthetics. Fiberglass can make sense for the extra warranty in salty coastal areas. Stainless steel is best reserved for high-end applications where budget is no concern.

Consider Wind Speed Ratings

Flagpole wind speed ratings measure how well they withstand windy conditions. A 190 mph wind speed rating is ideal for most inland locations. Coastal sites will need at least a 220 mph rating. Be sure to choose a pole rated for your local wind environment.

Choose the Right Flagpole Height

When it comes to flagpole height, 40 feet is ideal for most business locations. At this height, an American flag is prominently visible from a good distance away, standing as a beacon of patriotism. The standard U.S. flag size on a 40 ft pole is 8 x 12 ft.

For especially large commercial sites, 50 ft or 60 ft flagpoles can make sense. But any taller starts to look awkward and boxy. For most businesses, a soaring 40 ft pole strikingly displays Old Glory at a height aligned with surrounding structures and landscaping.

Top It Off with the Right Finial

The finial is the decorative ornament on top of the flagpole. A gold aluminum ball is the most traditional choice that complements most business locations. Other common finial options include a simple pointed spike, an eagle statue, or a wind vane. Choose whichever finial design best matches your brand image and aesthetic.

When budget allows, add a gold aluminum ball finial as the crowning touch on your new flagpole. But a basic spindle works fine if funds are limited.

Pick the Right Location

Finding the right location on your property is key for maximum flagpole visibility. Traditionally, the U.S. flag flies to the left of the entrance as viewed by visitors. Think about sight lines from the street and parking lot. Avoid visual obstructions like trees and utility wires. Also, check local zoning laws for any restrictions on flagpole placement.

With a prominent location identified, it’s time to start enjoying the pride and image boost your new 40 ft tall symbol of American spirit provides. Let that star-spangled banner wave proudly!

Install a Sturdy Foundation

A proper foundation is crucial to keep your towering flagpole securely upright, especially in windy conditions. Most 40 ft commercial flagpoles are installed directly in the ground in a hole 3 to 4 feet deep filled with concrete. The pole should be embedded at least 10% of its height into the foundation.

For especially high wind regions, or sites with poor soil, a reinforced foundation may be recommended. Never try to shortcut the foundation or your pole will not stand the test of time.

Safety First When Raising the Flag

Safety must also be a priority when accessing your new flagpole. For external halyard poles, ensure pulleys are low enough to be reached with the right ladder. Internal halyard poles will require periodic lowering with a lift rental for flag replacement.

Appoint responsible persons to properly raise and lower your flag each day. Enforce safe practices. Improper flag handling puts your team at risk and also shows disrespect for the flag.

Promote Your Patriotism

Once your new flagpole is properly installed and Old Glory is flying high, let your community know! Share photos of your patriotic new business addition on social media and in marketing materials. Tastefully highlighting your flagpole shows you take pride in your facilities and embrace true American spirit.

Fly It Right with Flagpole Etiquette

To demonstrate full respect for the flag, follow proper flag etiquette:

- Raise flag briskly and lower ceremoniously
- Only display in good weather
- Illuminate at night with spotlights
- Replace when tattered or faded

By honoring the flag, you honor the great nation it represents.

Towering Above the Rest

Raising a towering 40 ft commercial flagpole makes a bold statement about your brand and values. When you proudly fly the Stars and Stripes in proper fashion, you create an everlasting impression of solidarity, loyalty and patriotism in your community. Let your new flag and flagpole become an inspiring beacon of American liberty for all to see.  Also, if 40' is too big, be sure to checkout the many 30 ft commercial flagpole options that are available - it's a super popular size!

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