Finding Flagpole Installers Near You

October 13, 2023
Finding Flagpole Installers Near You
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Looking to add a flagpole to your home or business? Finding a qualified flagpole installation company can ensure your flagpole is properly installed and safe. While smaller flagpoles may be handled by a handyman, larger commercial flagpoles require experienced contractors. This guide will walk you through finding reputable flagpole installers in your area.

Do You Need a Professional Installer?

For smaller residential flagpoles up to 25 feet tall, like the telescoping flagpoles from Uncommon, you may be able to hire a handyman, sign company, or general contractor to handle the job. They can install the flagpole, run any electrical lines needed for lighting, and mount the flagpole bracket. Just be sure to hire someone experienced with digging holes for posts and using concrete.

However, for commercial flagpoles over 25 feet tall, it's highly recommended to hire professional flagpole installers. The taller the pole, the deeper the hole needs to be dug, sometimes up to 9 feet. Larger poles also require more complex wind load calculations and foundation specifications. Professional companies have the equipment, expertise and safety training for proper large flagpole installation.

Where to Find Flagpole Installers

Finding qualified flagpole installation contractors in your area is easy with a few simple steps:

Search Online Directories

Online directories like HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List allow you to search for flagpole installers in your ZIP code. Read customer reviews to gauge quality of service. Make sure the company has experience installing flagpoles of the size you need.

Check with Local Sign Companies

Sign companies often provide flagpole installation in addition to making signs. They have the equipment and skills to handle digging deep holes for pole foundations. Ask sign companies in your area if they offer flagpole installation services.

Contact Construction and Landscaping Companies

Some construction companies and landscapers may offer flagpole installation services. They can handle all aspects from digging the foundation, pouring concrete, to finishing the job. Let them know the height of the flagpole needed to assess their experience.

Search for Flagpole Dealers

Many flagpole dealers and distributors offer full-service installation of the products they sell. They are highly experienced specialists trained on properly installing their flagpoles. They may even provide maintenance services. Reach out to flagpole dealers in your region to ask about installation.

Questions to Ask Prospective Installers

Once you’ve found a few prospective flagpole installation companies, ask them these key questions before hiring:

- Do you have experience installing flagpoles of this size? The installer should have expertise working with flagpoles of the exact height and type you need.

- Are you properly licensed, bonded and insured? Reputable contractors will carry all required licenses and liability insurance for your protection. Ask for their license numbers.

- What is your installation process? A quality company will describe their full installation process from digging, concrete pouring, assembly, electrical work and finishing touches.

- Do you handle permitting? Most areas require permits and inspections for flagpole installations. Ask if the company pulls all required permits for the project.

- Can I see photos of previous work? Reputable installers will provide images of flagpoles they’ve installed so you can evaluate their quality.

- Do you provide a warranty? The best installers will guarantee their work in case any issues arise. A 5-year minimum warranty is ideal.

Safety First When Installing Flagpoles

When installed correctly by trained professionals, flagpoles provide years of beauty and pride for any property. But safety must come first, especially when working with taller poles. Be sure to:

- Hire experienced installers to handle large commercial flagpoles

- Ask for proper credentials, licensing and insurance

- Require they pull permits and arrange inspections

- Verify wind load and foundation specifications meet building codes

- Check that they follow all safety procedures on site

With the right flagpole installer, you can sit back and enjoy watching your flag wave proudly for decades to come. Let the experts handle this specialized job safely and securely.
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