Uncommon Usa Flagpole Installation

October 09, 2023
Uncommon Usa Flagpole Installation
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If you're looking to show your patriotism by flying Old Glory high in your yard or business, installing one of those beefy telescoping flagpoles from Uncommon USA is a great choice. But properly setting up one of those big flagpoles does take a bit of work. Don't worry though, I'm here to walk you through the flagpole setup process step-by-step and it couldn't be easier! 

First Thing's First: Picking Your Pole

Uncommon makes their flagpoles out of thick, heavy-duty aluminum so they can extend up to 25 feet in the air without bending or drooping. They come in two sizes: 20' and 25'. The 20' works well for most residential settings. But if you really want to make a statement, go big with the 25' pole!

Once you decide on size, you'll need to pick the right mounting option. Uncommon offers three choices: in-ground, base mount, or wall mount. In-ground is the most secure option but requires digging a 2-3 foot deep hole. The base mount attaches to a heavy concrete footing you'll have to pour. Wall mount, as the name suggests, bolts directly to the wall of a building.

For most homes, the in-ground mount is the best bet. Business owners may prefer a base mount in a prominent location. Wall mounting works great to display flags on structures without yard space.

Prep Work: Marking and Digging

Okay, you've ordered your flagpole and decided on the mounting method. Once it arrives, the real fun begins! Start by marking the exact spot you want to install it. Use string and wood stakes to outline the hole if going in-ground.

Speaking of the hole, this sucker needs to be deep if your pole is over 15'. For a 20' pole, dig at least 32" down and 20" across. Make it 36-40" deep for the 25' version. This ensures plenty of stability for those high winds whipping your flag around.

Naturally, a hole that deep requires some serious excavation work. You can always hire out this part if needed (may be wise for the 3' deep 25' pole hole!). But if tackling it yourself, bust out that shovel, pick axe and post hole digger tool. Watch for sprinkler lines and other underground utilities too.

Concrete: The Foundation of Strength 

Now for in-ground mounting, the key is filling the hole with a solid concrete base. This gives immovable footing to your soaring flagpole. Pour a layer of gravel down to pack the bottom. Then fill with concrete up to 4-6 inches below ground level.

For the base mount option, build a 2-3 foot square form with wood boards. Reinforce with rebar, then fill with concrete to make a heavy pad. Allow a full 72 hours for the concrete to fully cure before mounting.

Pole Installation Basics

The fun really starts when it's time to erect your pole! For in-ground models, carefully lower the bare aluminum pole into the concrete filled hole. Have some helping hands to hold it straight while you get the initial set. Position two wood wedges on opposite sides and snug them downward to wedge it in place til the concrete fully sets.

Base mount poles utilize Uncommon's steel Base Plate Stand. Bolt this heavy steel plate to the concrete pad. Then insert the pole and use set screws to lock it in place at the desired height. Wall mount poles use a similar steel bracket lag bolted securely to the building. 

Got Accessories?


Don't forget to show off Old Glory the right way and outfit your new flagpole per official US flag code protocol. That starts with a gold eagle ornament on top to catch the wind. Snap hooks also make raising and lowering easier than a fixed pulley. And a quality braided rope halyard prevents bindings and fraying.

You'll also need a pole sleeve that fits snugly around the 2" diameter aluminum. These come in a variety of colors if you want to get creative. Of course, pair it with a bright nylon American flag sized right for your pole height too.

Flagpole Installation Time!


The moment of truth has arrived. You've dug, poured, installed and accessorized this beast of a flagpole. Now it's time for the big finale - raising the stars and stripes up top for all to see!

Start by securely clipping your flag to the halyard snap hooks. Then untangle the rope and make sure it moves freely through the pulley. Have a partner help feed the rope hand-over-hand in unison to lift everything smoothly.

Keep hoisting until Old Glory reaches the top and can fly free. Lock the rope cleat to secure it in place. Then step back and admire that gorgeous sight flapping proudly above. Enjoy that sweeping sense of patriotic accomplishment!

Proper Care and Maintenance


Investing in a super-duty telescoping aluminum flagpole like Uncommon USA builds is a long-term commitment. Following a consistent maintenance routine ensures it lasts for many years to come.

Here are some tips for proper care and upkeep:

- Inspect cleats, pulleys and ropes periodically for signs of wear.  
- Replace any frayed ropes right away.
- Check that all hardware remains snugly tightened throughout the seasons.
- Clean off grime or bird droppings with mild detergent and soft cloth.
- Apply a polish made for aluminum to protect the bare pole from oxidation.
- Always lower to half-staff carefully and respectfully per flag code.
- Replace faded or tattered flags with fresh, high-quality American flags.
- Consider lowering in extreme winds or weather to avoid pole damage.

Well there you have it - everything you need to know to install a beefy telescoping flagpole from Uncommon USA! From picking the perfect spot and digging the hole to raising Old Glory up top, I covered all the steps for properly displaying your patriotic pride.

Just take it slow and steady, follow the instructions, and soon that gorgeous stars and stripes will be waving breezily for all to see. Thanks for letting me ramble on about proper flagpole protocol today. Let freedom ring!

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