The Top 3 RV Flag Holders

October 12, 2023
The Top 3 RV Flag Holders
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RVs provide a fantastic way to explore the open road and see the beauty of this great country. What better way to show your patriotism and pride than by flying the stars and stripes from your recreational vehicle? An RV flag holder allows you to proudly display Old Glory as you journey across the land. In this article, we’ll discuss what RV flag holders are, how they work, and review the top three options to find the best one for your needs.

What Are RV Flag Holders?

RV flag holders are mounts that attach to the side of an RV, typically near the front, to hold an American flag or other decorative banner. The flag holder securely grips the flag pole so your flag can wave proudly in the breeze as you drive without fear of it disconnecting or falling over.

RV flag holders come in a few different designs but serve the same essential purpose. Some use clamps or vice mechanisms to grip the pole while others use more simple sleeves or pockets. The holder attaches to the RV via screws or heavy-duty adhesives. Materials are typically stainless steel, heavy plastic, or coated aluminum to withstand the elements and frequent vibration.

How Do RV Flag Holders Work?

Using an RV flag holder is quite simple. You first need to determine the best location that allows your flag to fly freely without hitting the RV. Near the front corner is typical. Ensure the surface is clean before attaching the holder according to the manufacturer instructions.

Popular attachment methods include:

Screws/hardware - Drill holes and use included screws paired with hardware to firmly attach the base. Offers the most secure hold.

High-bond tape - Thoroughly clean the area then apply the included VHB tape. Provides excellent strength without drilling holes.

Magnets - Useful for temporary placement but magnets likely won't stay secured at highway speeds.

Once mounted, just slide your flag pole into the gripper mechanism and secure it per the instructions. Adjust the tightness so the flag moves freely in the wind but won't disconnect. Then get ready to ride in style and show your national pride!

Things to Consider When Choosing an RV Flag Holder

When deciding on the right RV flag holder, keep these factors in mind:

Mounting method - How you'll attach it determines placement limitations. Permanent screws provide the best hold while tape or magnets allow repositioning.

Grip strength - Ensure the grip tightness is adjustable and sufficiently strong to hold your flag pole at high speeds.

Material - Stainless steel offers maximum durability for frequent motion and outdoor exposure. Plastics can crack over time.

Pole accommodation - The pole diameter it's designed for should match your flag pole. Consider options that handle a range of pole sizes.

Style - Make sure the look complements your RV's existing hardware and decor.

Reviews - Choose a highly-rated product from a trusted brand that others confirm works great.

Top 3 Best RV Flag Holders

Now let's review the top three RV flag holders on the market today:

1. Valterra American Flag Holder

Valterra is a leading name in RV accessories, so it’s no surprise they offer an excellent flag holder. This all-metal clamp model provides durability along with eye-catching style.

- Uses coated aluminum that holds up to weather and motion
- Offers 360-degree rotation for angling the flag
- Accommodates different pole diameters from 1” down to 3⁄4”
- Installs with included screws for fixed hold
- Streamlined low-profile look

- Pricier than other options
- Clamp only allows vertical poles

2. Apollo RV Flag Pole Holder

For a versatile flag holder at a great value, the Apollo is a top choice. The adjustable silicone wrap grips your pole securely in any direction.

- Holder wrap adjusts to fit pole diameters from 1” to 1 1⁄4”
- Soft silicone won't scratch or damage your pole
- Allows angled or vertical flag pole installation
- Easily repositionable with included VHB tape
- More affordable price point than competitors

- Not as heavy duty as metal models
- Tape may need replacing after multiple reattachments

3. Kaixuan Stainless Steel Flag Holder

If maximum strength and corrosion resistance are top priorities, Kaixuan’s stainless steel holder is sure to satisfy. The beefy metal construction and vice clamp provide unshakeable grip.

- Durable stainless steel build meant to last
- Industrial-level clamp won't release pole at high speeds
- Allows quick flag pole insertion and removal
- Installs semi-permanently with included screws
- Made to withstand outdoor elements

- Clamp only vertical orientation
- Bulkier and more industrial look
- Higher price point

Fly Your Flag Proudly!

Adding an RV flag holder allows you to show your patriotic pride wherever you and your recreational vehicle roam. With the ability to securely display Old Glory on the open road, you’ll journey in style and spread your American spirit wherever you go.

Consider your mounting preferences, grip strength, pole fit, and durability when picking the right holder. Any of the reviewed options will serve you well on all your cross-country escapades. Just envision that flag wavering in the wind as you cruise towards the open horizon. With the right RV flag holder, you’ll fly your stars and stripes proudly each and every mile.


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