RV Ladder Flagpole Holders

October 05, 2023
RV Ladder Flagpole Holders
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Nothing says "I'm on vacation!" quite like flying an American flag from your RV. RVs give you the freedom of the open road and the comforts of home, so it's natural to want to show your patriotism and pride when traveling cross-country in your motorhome. An RV ladder-mounted flag pole holder allows you to easily and securely display Old Glory wherever your journeys take you.

When looking for a flag pole holder for your RV ladder, you'll want one that is sturdy, easy to install, and blends in with the existing ladder design. You'll also want to make sure that the holder you select, works with the popular rv flagpole kits. The last thing you want is some clunky contraption that looks tacked on as an afterthought. Lucky for you, there are several tasteful, inconspicuous mounting systems that integrate seamlessly with standard RV ladders.

The simplest ladder-mounted flag holders utilize the existing hollow tubular rungs on RV ladders. Many ladders have at least one rung that is hollow for weight reduction. Flag pole mounting kits take advantage of this hollow space by inserting an internal tube and fastening a threaded external tube or collar around the outside. The flag pole inserts into the inner tube while the outer collar affixes to the ladder rung. This creates a snug fit and allows for easy flag pole installation and removal as needed.

For a nearly invisible installation, look for low-profile ladder flag holders where the outer collar hugs tightly to the rung with minimal protrusion. This will blend in with the ladder and make the flag and pole itself the prominent focal point. A coated aluminum or black powder coated finish on the external collar further minimizes visibility against the ladder rung.

While hollow ladder rung mounting provides a clean installation, some RV ladders lack usable hollow tubing. In these cases, external collars can be utilized to attach a flag holder to the round or square rails of the ladder. Certain models have two halves that clamp directly onto the ladder rail and are secured with nuts and bolts. Others wrap fully around the rail and tighten into place. Pay attention to clamp depth to ensure the collar can grip adequately based on the thickness of your particular ladder's rails.

For added stability, look for flag kits that come with multiple mounting collars to attach at different points along the ladder. Dual or triple mounting points reduce vibration and twisting from wind gusts when the RV is in motion. This also provides flexibility if you need to offset the pole to one side to clear vents or other roof accessories.

When comparing mounting options, consider ease of installation as well. The simplest designs allow you to loosely attach the components around the ladder, insert the pole into place, then tighten everything secure. Other kits require partially disassembling the ladder to install interior flanges or sleeves. Your ideal setup should provide sturdy support with a straightforward installation.

The flag pole itself is usually 1" diameter aluminum tubing with a gold anodized finish. Fiberglass poles are another option but tend to be more prone to bending and breaking. Go with a single section pole for the shortest possible length that still extends above your RV roofline. Multiple piece telescoping poles are available but provide unnecessary complexity for displaying a flag while parked.

Be sure to select a pole length that meets your state's vehicle requirements. Most states restrict poles to no more than 5 feet beyond the vehicle body. Measuring from the top of your ladder, account for the RV roof height plus the desired pole extension. A 36" pole does the trick for most applications.

When it comes time to install your RV ladder flag holder, make safety your number one priority. Use an assistant or scaffolding if needed rather than taking unnecessary risks on a high ladder. It's also wise to display flags only while parked, not while driving, as the pole and flag will vibrate severely at highway speeds. Take the same care securing your flag as you would packing away any loose items prior to getting on the road.

Once properly installed, your flag pole and American flag will bring joy and pride of ownership every time you set up camp. Rally around your RV-mounted stars and stripes. Let it inspire impromptu conversations with fellow travelers you meet along the way. And don't forget to illuminate the flag at night for a campsite beacon that proudly proclaims, "I may be far from home, but I'm still an American!"
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