RV Flagpole Kits

September 22, 2023
RV Flagpole Kits
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The wind in your hair, the sun on your face, the rubber burning on an open highway - there's nothing quite like the feeling of freedom that comes with RVing. Your home away from home on wheels allows you to explore new places and make memories that will last a lifetime.

One great way to show your RVing pride and make your rig stand out is by flying an American flag from a flagpole while you're on the go. Keep reading to learn all about rv flagpole kits and how to choose the right setup for your RV.

What are RV Flagpole Kits?

RV flagpole kits provide everything you need to mount and fly a flag on your recreational vehicle. Kits include a telescoping flagpole that can be raised and lowered as needed, mounting hardware to attach it to your RV's ladder or another exterior surface, halyard rope, and in some cases an American flag or the flagpole accessory of your choice.

Flagpole kits for RVs range from around 4 feet long when collapsed up to over 20 feet extended. With an rv flagpole kit installed, you'll be able to proudly fly Old Glory or other banners and pennants from your camper, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome as you cruise the countryside.

Benefits of an RV Flagpole Kit

Flying an American flag or other banner from your RV has several advantages:

- Shows Your Patriotism: An American flag fluttering behind your RV is a great way to show your national pride and patriotism as you travel across the U.S.A. People you meet along the way may salute you for proudly displaying Old Glory.

- Identifies Your Rig: Mounting a flagpole on your RV can help friends spot you in a crowded campground or rally. You'll stand out from the crowd when traveling in a convoy.

- Improves Visibility: A flag can make other drivers more aware of your RV's height and width, improving safety. The movement also helps provide visibility on windy days when blowing sand or dirt may partially obscure your rig.

- Looks Cool: Plain and simple, an RV with an extended flagpole and waving flag just looks neat. It can add character and style to your home on wheels.

- Pays Tribute: Commemorative, military service, or organizational flags let you pay tribute to armed forces branches, POWs/MIAs, your alma mater, favorite sports team, and more.

Choosing an RV Flagpole Mounting Location

The first step in installing your rv flagpole kit is deciding where on your RV to mount the telescoping flagpole. You'll want to pick a spot that allows the flag to fly freely without interfering with awnings, vehicle operation, overhead obstructions, or your camping setup.

Here are some of the most common mounting locations for RV flagpoles:

- Rear ladder: Attaching a flagpole holder to the rear ladder is a very popular option. This allows easy access for raising and lowering the flag and keeps it high and visible. Be sure to check that your fully extended flagpole won't hit your raised RV awning.

- Bumper: A flagpole mount that clamps to your rear bumper or mounts to a receiver hitch puts the flag right at your back door. Make sure it clears your spare tire and doesn't block taillights.

- Roof rail: Some RVs have a roof rail along the sides or back that offers a great flagpole attachment point. This gets your flag up as high as possible but may take more effort to access. Make sure the pole is designed not to hit or scratch your RV roof when fully extended.

- Mirror arms: Larger motorhomes can sometimes accommodate a flagpole bracket on one of the extended mirror arms. This places the flag high and visible without having to access your roof.

- Custom mounts: For a more permanent installation, some RVs can be fitted with custom rear body mounts. This allows easy flag access even while camping, but does require drilling into your RV's exterior.

Things to Look for in an RV Flagpole Kit

Once you've decided where you want to mount your telescoping flagpole, it's time to start shopping for the right rv flagpole kit. Here are some key features to look for:

- Height/extension: Make sure to get a flagpole that extends tall enough to fly your flag well above your RV's roofline, but not so tall that it becomes unstable or hits overhead obstructions. Pole heights from around 15' to 20' extended are common.

- Construction: Flagpoles are typically constructed from aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. Aluminum is affordable but can bend in strong winds. Fiberglass and carbon fiber are lightweight, durable, and flexible. Look for thick walled poles.

- Mounting system: Choose a flagpole kit with a sturdy mounting bracket and secure hardware designed to mount on RVs. It should work with your desired mounting location and hold the pole firmly.

- Halyard and clips: Check that the kit includes good quality halyard rope and stainless steel snap hooks for attaching your flag. Internal halyards keep your rope protected inside the pole.

- Reviews: Read customer reviews to check for complaints about quality, durability, or hard to understand instructions. Kits with 4 stars or more are generally good quality.

- Warranty: Opt for a kit that comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. This ensures they stand behind their product.

Don't Forget to Fly it Right!

Once you've got your shiny new rv flagpole kit installed, just a couple quick tips to ensure proper flag etiquette on your RV:

- Display the American flag only during daylight hours, taking it down at night or during inclement weather. Illuminate it if flying at night.

- When flying the U.S. flag with other banners, raise it highest and furthest forward on the pole. No other flag should be placed above it.

- Replace flags when they become frayed, torn, or faded. Dispose of worn American flags respectfully.

- Handle the American flag carefully and fold it properly when taking it down. Never let it touch the ground.

That's about everything you need to know to get outfitted with a telescoping flagpole kit for your RV and start cruising the highways and byways in true patriotic style. Just add some camp chairs, marshmallow sticks, and your favorite road trip tunes and you're all set. Happy and safe travels!


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