RV Flagpole Mounts For RV's

September 19, 2023
RV Flagpole Mounts For RV's
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Do you love seeing the stars and stripes waving proudly as you cruise down the highway in your RV? Flying an American flag on your RV is a great way to show your patriotism and appreciate the freedom of the open road.

But to fly Old Glory properly, you need a sturdy flag pole mount that can withstand the elements and high speeds. In this article, we’ll explore the two main types of RV flag pole mounts and considerations for each.

Flagpole RV Tire Mounts 

Displaying a flag on your RV can really make your campsite feel like home. But you may not want to drill permanent holes in your vehicle or deal with annoying pole mounts that never seem to stay in place. Flagpole tire mounts provide an excellent hassle-free option for RVers who want to proudly fly their American, state, or decorative flags outside their home on wheels.

Flagpole tire mounts consist of a durable rubber or plastic base that lays completely flat on the ground. A tall, adjustable telescoping aluminum flagpole is attached to this base. To set up one of these handy mounts, all you need to do is place the base in front of or behind one set of your RV's tires and slowly drive the vehicle over it until the tires are centered on top of the base.

The weight of the RV resting on the base creates tension that holds the flagpole upright, no drilling required! You can angle the pole how you wish and extend it to your desired height before raising your beautiful flag.

One of the best benefits of using flagpole tire mounts is that they allow you to proudly fly your flag in your campsite without any permanent modifications to your RV. The mounts are completely temporary and portable - just drive on and off the base.

Set up and takedown takes only a minute or two. You'll avoid unwanted holes and rusting on your rig. When shopping for flagpole tire mounts, look for heavy-duty steel or reinforced rubber construction that is built to handle the full weight of your RV. With quality mounts, you'll have no trouble displaying your stars and stripes or other banners while you're on the road!

Bumper RV Flagpole Mounts

One popular option for mounting a flag pole on an RV is a bumper mount. As the name suggests, these mounts attach directly to the rear bumper of the RV. Bumper flag mounts typically consist of a vertical pole attached to an L-shaped bracket. The bracket side affixes to the bumper with bolts, while the vertical side holds the flag pole.

Bumper mounts put the flag pole right at the rear of the RV, making the flag clearly visible to other drivers. The mounts situate the flag pole higher than a receiver hitch mount, allowing the flag to wave freely. Bumper mounts work well for shorter flag poles up to around 5 feet in length. Much longer poles may bend or droop when using a bumper mount.

When choosing a bumper mount, make sure to select one rated for your RV’s bumper design. Many RVs have hollow rear bumpers that require specialized brackets. Solid steel or aluminum bumper mounts provide the most durability. Larger diameter poles are also preferable to resist bending and whipping in the wind.

Be aware that flying a flag from a bumper mount creates additional drag and weight on the rear of the RV. This may reduce gas mileage slightly. The bumper mount also needs to be removed when backing up or using a bike rack to avoid hitting the flag and pole.

Receiver Hitch RV Flagpole Mounts

Another common spot for an RV flag pole is in the hitch receiver. Hitch-mounted flag poles fit right into the standard 2-inch receiver found on most RVs and trucks. Like a bike rack or cargo carrier, the flag mount slides right in and secures with a locking pin.

The benefit of a hitch mount is that it positions the flag pole further back from the RV bumper. This allows even large flags up to 6 feet long to wave freely without touching the vehicle. Hitch mounts also keep the flag pole weight centered between the axles, rather than on the rear bumper.

When choosing a receiver mount, be sure to match it to the height of your RV hitch. Standard hitch heights range from 12 to 18 inches. Opt for an adjustable height mount if you plan to use it with different RVs. Other features to look for include a twist lock for anti-rattle and a folding pole for easy storage.

As with bumper mounts, go for thick walled aluminum or stainless steel construction. Steel hitch mounts with a powder coated finish offer enhanced durability and weather resistance. Make sure the diameter of the pole is large enough for the size flag you intend to fly.

Flying the Stars and Stripes

Displaying the American flag properly on your RV shows respect for the red, white and blue. When using a flag mount, take care to follow proper flag etiquette. The American flag code recommends illuminating the flag at night and taking it down in inclement weather.

The flag should be replaced when worn, tattered or faded. When not flying atop your RV, store the flag flat and folded correctly. Be sure to keep safety in mind and remove the flag when towing a vehicle to avoid any accidents.

With the right flag pole mount for your RV, you can cruise the highways and byways showing off your patriotic pride. Bumper mounts and receiver hitches offer flexible options for RVs of all sizes. Choose durable, heavy duty construction and the appropriate size pole and flag for your RV. Then get ready to hear fellow travelers honk their horns and give a thumbs up for displaying Old Glory in true American style as you roll on down the road.
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