The Amazing Flagpole Christmas Tree! (review)

December 14, 2023
The Amazing Flagpole Christmas Tree! (review)
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I know we all tend to go a little overboard when it comes to holiday decorating – I’m definitely guilty! Maybe it’s my mom's fault for making every family Christmas look like the North Pole threw up all over our house when I was a kid. Either way, I love making the outside of my place look festive too.

But yard space doesn’t just grow on trees, so I never had enough room for all the bells, whistles, reindeer and light-up icicles I envisioned. This year though, I came across the perfect item that gave me the flashy Christmas I’d been dreaming of – even with my postage stamp yard. Let me tell you about this Flagpole Mount Holiday Christmas tree...

So get this - it's a massive artificial christmas tree that you set up on an outdoor flagpole, kinda like those big American flags people have flying out front. But instead of Old Glory, it’s a tower of lights when you plug it in! How stinkin’ cool is that? I’d seen clarkgrizwold-style light displays that need a computer science degree to program, but was intimidated to try it myself. This was a way easier option that even someone like me (who’s still using scotch tape to wrap presents) could handle.

After ordering, I’ll admit I was skeptical when it arrived – the tree folded up into a skinny little bundle that felt pretty flimsy. I was looking for that thick, full kinda Charlie Brown tree shape.

But then I started assembling it and was like, hold up, THIS is awesome! The “pipe cleaner” style PVC plastic might be bendy, but it's durable enough for gusty winter winds. It pops open to form the classic Christmas tree profile, ready for me to adorn with all kinds of glitzy extras.

And let me tell ya, the lighting on this baby did NOT disappoint - 250 freakin’ LED lights already built-in and ready to glow! No risking my life teetering off a ladder trying to string up outdoor cords. Just hook to an extension cord or solar panel battery and suddenly it’s brighter than the Griswold house! Now THAT’S my kind of Christmas magic right there!

Over the month of December, I swear my flagpole tree weathered every kinda wacky winter storm imaginable - heavy wet snow, icy rain, even some 50 mph wind gusts! But with that steel flagpole pole anchored deep in the ground, my towering beacon of rainbow lights stood tall through it all.

Every night when I’d drive home, I’d see that rainbow glow from blocks away and instantly feel that warm holiday fuzziness, ya know? Pretty soon folks were going outta their way down my street just to see it lit up. Felt so good to spread that kinda cheer!

Let’s chat pros and cons here with this novelty flagpole tree. It does take up less space than a big heavy artificial tree or messy real pine. And zero fire hazard from electrical cords outside which is kinda nice! Now I CAN hang about a gazillion outdoor lights if I want.

Setup and takedown are crazy simple too – even my cranky Uncle Jerry could handle it. Oh and storage is easy peasy since it compacts down flat as a pancake. Not gonna lie though, I still like the fresh pine smell of a real tree. And this slim pole style means you can’t quite get that perfect fluffy Santa’s tree shape.

But hey, no product is perfect, even if it does spread monumental holiday magic from my yard! For small outdoor spots or renters who still wanna decorate big, I’d say this lights up the season better than Clark Griswold ever could!

And that’s sayin’ something coming from me! So if you’re even thinking about getting in on this flagpole tree action, I’d say go bigger, brighter and merrier than you ever thought you could. Deck those poles, people!

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